183. Cosmos Senshi

. cosmos senshi


Hair: *PH* 8181 – monochrome [Hair Fair 2017]
Mesh Head: *6DOO* Bento
Tattoo: :: MOMOCHUU :: Crystal Moon Tattoo Blusher – Black [The Crystal Heart Festival]

Outfit: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Senshi (Uranus) [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Cape: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Senshi Cape (Uranus) [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Shoes: [The Forge] Amythest Boots [The Crystal Heart Festival]

Hair Clips: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Hairclips [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Rings: Astralia – Magical rings [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Wand: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Wand (Uranus) [The Crystal Heart Festival]

*Pose: {PINGPONG} MOMO Bento Poses #4

CMYK// 2. pastel magical studio [The Crystal Heart Festival]

*Due to the wand’s pose, {PINGPONG} MOMO Bento Poses #4 has been slightly altered from its’ original pose. Please try the demo before purchasing as the original pose is slightly different!


126. Yōkai

. yōkai



Hair: tram F623 / bluegray (Gift) [Hair Fair 2016]
Skin: VCO ~ Lovely Vampire Gacha {008} (NEW)
Mesh Lips: VCO ~ Angie Mesh Lip 003 . RARE
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Kimono: Clemmm & *katat0nik* (Spider Lily) Cursed Kimono [Origami]

Flower: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. HairACC “HIGANBANA” 001 [Origami]
Headdress: [CX] Sai Kanzashi ( Black ) [Origami]
Charms: CURELESS [+] Ofuda Charms / Akuryou Taisan [Origami]
Umbrella: {Ame} Umbrellas White [Origami]

Pose: Custom made by me!

Yay for fitting in another blog post this week! This blog post features these amazing Japanese items from the Origami shopping event which you can visit by clicking the link next to the items! If you’re a fan of Japanese attire and inspired things or horror-themed items, you definitely need to check out the event. There is also a horror game on the same sim opening in August so be sure to wait for that as well. This is my first time collaborating with Papa Fett, Cardin! There will be more collabs together in the future for sure!

075. Back to School


Hair: [RA] Waterfall Hair – Essential [Hair Fair]
Eyes: AMITOMO.Eye Collection #4
Lashes + Eyeliner: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Skin: VCO ~ Mona Skin
Mesh Lips: VCO ~ Lollipop Candy Mesh Lip [The Season Story]
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Uniform: AMITOMO.HUWAHUWA School Uniform 2 [Okinawa Summer Festival]
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Saddie Flats-White

Backpack: ::{u.f.o}::solji school backpack – black dot -A type

Pose: Kirin – Namie Pose 4



Hair: [RA] Waterfall Hair – Essential [Hair Fair]
Eye (Left): [Buzz] Cora Eyes – Chocolate (Gacha) [The Epiphany]
Eye (Right):[Buzz] Cora Eyes – Princess (Gacha) [The Epiphany]
Lashes + Eyeliner: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Scar: #adored – tough stuff scar
Skin: VCO ~ Mona Skin
Mesh Lips: VCO ~ Lollipop Candy Mesh Lip [The Season Story]
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Dress: ..::PD::.. DarcyDress Monochrome [Suicide Dollz]

Collar: {XA} The Spartan [Suicide Dollz]
Shotguns: [BODY FACTORY] City Rebels
Tattoo: SOURIRES TATTOOS. – Bhrez Tattoo [Suicide Dollz]
Bracelet: [ abrasive ] Cthulhu Tentacle Bracelet Indigo [Suicide Dollz]

Pose (Right): Kirin – Natsu Pose 3

The title for this post was taken from the song BANG BANG BANG by Big Bang! (LOOL) I was listening to it too while I was taking the photo and editing 8DD Fitting for this photo isn’t it? Check out the video below!

072. Hair Fair Haul

Hair: [RA] Harley Hair – Browns [Hair Fair]
Outfit: [ dami ]sleeveless t-shirts+shorts [Indie Teepee]

Hair: [RA] Waterfall Hair – Essential [Hair Fair]
Outfit: *ionic* Margarey [The Chapter Four]

Hair: [RA] Harajuku Hair – Essential [Hair Fair]
Outfit: [ dami ] candy top & skirt set #blue [Candy Fair]

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Yuna /Regular Pack 1 [Hair Fair]
Outfit: [ dami ]sleeveless t-shirts+shorts [Indie Teepee]

Hair: !Ohmai Salon: Omakase [Naturals] [Hair Fair]
Outfit: [NOIR] Hi-Lo Dark Set 3 [N-21]

Hair: [DUE] Heather – Browns [Hair Fair]
Outfit: :Moon Amore: Selene Dress (Blue) [Project Limited]

071. True Friendships Last Throughout the Generations

Credits (Right):
(For Maggie’s (left) credits and a better view of my outfit, please click here!)

Hair: [RA] Harley Hair – Browns [Hair Fair]
Eyes: AMITOMO.Eye Collection #4
Lashes + Eyeliner: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes
Skin: VCO ~ Mona Skin
Mesh Lips: VCO ~ Popo Coral Mesh Lip
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Dress: !TLB – House Dress/Badger [Wizarding Faire]
Socks: *MUKA* Thigh Socks
Shoes: REIGN.-Belle Flats- Black

Necklace: Cae :: Seeker’s Quest :: Necklace [Wizarding Faire]
Button #1: !TLB – Button Pin/Badger [Wizarding Faire]
Button #2: !TLB – Button Pin/Know It All [Wizarding Faire]
Ring: [PURR] Deathly Set – Onyx [Wizarding Faire]
Nails: The Wicked Peach – Grimoire [Wizarding Faire]

[All Available at Wizarding Faire]
uK – Magical Classroom Shelving
uK- Potions Gacha Potions Sets (1-6)
uK- Potions Gacha Cauldron Set
uK- Potions Gacha Cauldron Accessories
EDYN ~ Copper Mortar & Pestle
EDYN ~ Standard Size 1 Copper Calcinator
EDYN ~ Cutting Board & Knife
EDYN ~ Ingredients : Bezoar
EDYN ~ Ingredients : Wolfsbane
EDYN ~ Ingredients : Snake Fangs
EDYN ~ Ingredients : Mistletoe Berries
EDYN ~ Ingredients : Billywig Stings
EDYN ~ Ingredients : Unicorn Horn
EDYN ~ Ingredients : Standard Ingredient
!TLB – Candle Cluster
!TLB – Wizard Art/Wiz On
!TLB – Wizard Art/He Lived
*~*HopScotch*~* Winged Key
+Half-Deer+ Cauldron of the Stars – Princess Pink / Blue Stars
[LJ] Mascot Plush – Pomona the Badger
[LJ] Mascot Plush – Minerva the Lion
[LoPo] Crystal Ball
[LoPo] HoE Book of Shadows

While my mom Maggie and I were setting up and taking this photo, we had a really interesting conversation about how our characters looked and the uncanny resemblance we had with the daughter (and potential daughter) of Harry and Ginny’s daughter, Lily Luna Potter and Cho Chang and her Muggle husband. The Wizarding Faire opened on July 12th and already many fans, shoppers, and students of the Mischief Managed roleplay are running to purchase the goodies that have been released! If you’re a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, I’d recommend joining the roleplay that is part of the Mischief Managed sim as well! The roleplaying is amazing whether you’re interesting in paragraph roleplaying or just casual action and script!
Check it out here!