183. Cosmos Senshi

. cosmos senshi


Hair: *PH* 8181 – monochrome [Hair Fair 2017]
Mesh Head: *6DOO* Bento
Tattoo: :: MOMOCHUU :: Crystal Moon Tattoo Blusher – Black [The Crystal Heart Festival]

Outfit: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Senshi (Uranus) [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Cape: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Senshi Cape (Uranus) [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Shoes: [The Forge] Amythest Boots [The Crystal Heart Festival]

Hair Clips: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Hairclips [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Rings: Astralia – Magical rings [The Crystal Heart Festival]
Wand: Violent Seduction – Cosmos Wand (Uranus) [The Crystal Heart Festival]

*Pose: {PINGPONG} MOMO Bento Poses #4

CMYK// 2. pastel magical studio [The Crystal Heart Festival]

*Due to the wand’s pose, {PINGPONG} MOMO Bento Poses #4 has been slightly altered from its’ original pose. Please try the demo before purchasing as the original pose is slightly different!


174. Everyday I Love You

. everyday i love you


Hair: [NANI] Paige.Hair [Rewind: 80s]
Mesh Head: *6DOO* Bento

Outfit: EVANI – Cindy outfit [Geometryo] [Rewind: 80s]
Skates: *NW* Retro Skates [Rewind: 80s]

Pose: EP – Call me #5 [Rewind: 80s]

floorplan. neon skate rentals [Rewind: 80s]
.peaches. Retro Signs – Fries Before Guys [Rewind: 80s]
.peaches. Retro Signs – SKATE [Rewind: 80s]
Sway’s [Roller Skates] Wall Art . disco [Rewind: 80s]
Sway’s [Roller Skates] Wall Art . heart (texture change) RARE [Rewind: 80s]
hive // classic tv w/ antenna [hot pink] [Rewind: 80s]
LeP – Portable Keyboard – Pink [Rewind: 80s]
*NW* Retro Skate (Also Wearable) [Rewind: 80s]
CMYK 3. Give me that icecream
CMYK// 1. you’re my destiny

173. Soft Serve

. soft serve


Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sienna hair with Add-on (Previous The Epiphany)
Mesh Head: *6DOO* Bento

Outfit: {vincue} Plastie+Corset with Skirt and Undies [The Secret Hideout]
Shoes: [BREATHE] Keiko Heels (Previous The Epiphany)

Headdress: {vincue} Plastie+Headband [The Secret Hideout]
Collar: {vincue} Plastie+Collar [The Secret Hideout]
Armbands: {vincue} Plastie+Left and Right Leg [The Secret Hideout]
Garters: {vincue} Plastie+Left and Right Leg [The Secret Hideout]

Pose: Kirin – Daisy Pose 1 [The Secret Hideout]

CMYK// 1. you’re my destiny
CMYK 1. Give me that icecream [The Secret Hideout]
CMYK 2. Give me that icecream (pinkstar) [The Secret Hideout]
CMYK 3. Give me that icecream [The Secret Hideout]
CMYK 4. Give me that icecream [The Secret Hideout]
CMYK 5. Give me that icecream [The Secret Hideout]
CMYK 6. Give me that icecream (blueberry) [The Secret Hideout]

172. Lady Fleur

. lady fleur


Hair: AMITOMO / Lovely, Still GACHA RARE 2
Mesh Head: *6DOO* Bento

Dress: Violent Seduction – Fleur [The Secret Hideout]
Shoes: AsteroidBox. Lolita Heels // White [The Secret Hideout]

Headdress: M.I.X.*Sweet Lolita -Headdress&Umbrella [The Secret Hideout]
Cuffs: .Quirky. – Delicate Cuffs – Black [The Secret Hideout]
Umbrella: M.I.X.*Sweet Lolita -Headdress&Umbrella (Comes with hold pose) [The Secret Hideout]

Pose: *{( konpeitou )}* good girl (Free| With above umbrella hold pose)

169. You’re in My Zone

. you're in my zone


Hair: taketomi – Hera (Group Gift)
Eye Makeup: Requeeca** Eyeshadow -sai02-
Mesh Head: *6DOO* Bento

Outfit: Violent Seduction – Hades Dress [The Epiphany]
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Hades Heels [The Epiphany]

Headband: Violent Seduction – Hades Headband [The Epiphany]
Horn: {vincue} Unii+Horn [CutieLoot April]
Belt: Violent Seduction – Hades Belt [The Epiphany]

anxiety %418 (w/light) [The Chapter Four]
[La Baguette] Cute Punishment Armchair

168. How About a Girl Like Me?

. how about a girl like me?


Hair: [taketomi] Akemi
Mesh Head: *6DOO* Bento
Mesh Hands: VISTA Bento

Outfit: {vincue} & Kibitz – Harty+Overall [The Season Story]

Beret: `M.BIRDIE / Leah Look Beret 3
High Choker: {vincue} & Kibitz – Harty+ShortCollar [The Season Story]
Low Choker: {vincue} & Kibitz – Harty+LongCollar [The Season Story]
Rings: {vincue} & Kibitz – Harty+Rings [The Season Story]
Bracelet: {vincue} & Kibitz – Harty+Bracelets [The Season Story]

Pose: [La Baguette] Hina 8